Ondra will be for next 6 months working in the group of Mario Wasser at JKU!

09/01/2018 22:39
Ondra just left for his three months stay at JKU in Linz. He will be working at Mario Wasser's group on asymmetric PTC catalysis using our highly olefins as substrates. Good luck!
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Congratulation to Lucie!!

08/28/2018 09:41
Our colleague and friend, Lucie Mikulíková, did got merried last weekend! Congratulation! Lucie Maděrková Indeed, we have change your family name in the group members part as well :D
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Congratulation to Zazu!

06/08/2018 13:53
Zuzana Barbuščáková, better known as Zazu, has just defended her Master theses and was graduated MSc in Experimental Biology! COngatulation and good luck in your future, Zazu!
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Congratulation to Daniela for beign awarded with Endowment Fund of Palacky University

04/23/2018 22:10
Daniela Konradova was awarded with Endowment Fund of Palacky University for the academic year 2018/2019. Congratulations! Hope other group members will follow this example next year!
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Great news! Project succesfully defended

04/20/2018 13:51
Great news! With Libor Hajek we have today succesfully defended our project TACR Gamma, Proof-of-Concept in front of the Scientific board and was rate das succesfull!!! Thanks  a lot for the contribution af all collaborators!
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