Lubomír Vojtěch Baar just defended his Bc. Theses! Congratulation and good luck in teaching kids at secondary schools!

05/29/2019 12:48
Luba (Lubomír Vojtěch Baar) has just defended his Theses and now he is continuing his growth as collage teacher! What a loss to our group (I still think you weould become a great scinetist). Good luck in your future carrier and send us many as talented students as you are!
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Congratulation to František and Dave! Lignan and neolignan review was accepted!

05/29/2019 12:34
Great news about our review covering past 2,5 years in isolation and biological activity evaluation if lignan and neolignan field :D. This tremendous job was done by Frantisek and Dave. Great!!
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Congratulation to Ondra! First paper issued from the collaboration with Mario Waser's lab (JKU) selected as HOT PAPER in Chem. Eur. J.

05/23/2019 00:02
Our first paper issued from the collaboration with prof. Waser's lab (Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria) was selected as HOT PAPER in Chem. Eur. J. and is now available in Early View section. 
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Conference CBPRS 2019. GO Kováč GO

05/19/2019 20:05
Great talk delivered by Ondřej Kováč at CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY OF PHYTOHORMONES AND RELATED SUBSTANCES 2019 in Luhačovice! Very nicely presented first results of our collaborative project with prof. Waser's group at JKU Linz.
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Congratulation to Ondra and Veronika!

05/11/2019 22:25
Ondra Kováč (our PhD student) and Veronika Malínková got married today! Congratulations and enjoy the new life in couple (also we wish you to be "as productive" as our groupleader :) ).
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2nd place in the Dean Prize competition goes to František. Congratulation!

05/03/2019 08:40
František Zálešák placed as the second in the Dean's Prize competition contest. Congratulation!
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Endowment fund of Palacký University goes to František! Congratulations!

04/24/2019 15:52
František Zálešák was just informed to get 2019 Endowment fund of Palacky University funding. This fund will be used to finance his stay at Zurich University in group of prof. C. Nevado. Congratulations!!! What is really great is the fact that our group members got this grant two years in the...
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Our recent JOC paper that was included to december's issue of SYNFACTS got noticed by our university

02/15/2019 12:14
It is always nice to be noticed by our university headquater :D. (UP journal)
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Ondřej was selected as the Blue Danube speaker at at the 18th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry conference

02/13/2019 17:04
Congratulation to Onřej for being selected as the Blue Danube speaker at the 18th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry!!!! Have fun and represent us well :D 
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Daniela and Dave's JOC paper made it to SYNFACTS

01/28/2019 23:03
Daniela and Dave's work published in JOC that was focusing on the field of diversity-oriented synthesis has attracted attention of the scientific community since their work was included into the December’s issue of SYNFACTS.
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