Public presentations of MSc. students - well done Vendula and Martin

01/15/2019 23:00
Martin and Vendula presented their research results they gathered over past 4 (Martin) and 16 (Vendula) months, respectively. Well done!
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Daniela is leaving us again!!! This time to Israel

01/06/2019 22:58
Daniela is leaving for her 6 moths research stay with prof. C. Jaffe at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. She will be testing her sets of compounds against the leishmania parasites! Enjoy and have fun!
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Daniela's state exam succesfully accomplish!

12/17/2018 22:56
COngratulation to Daniela! She has succesfully passed her PhD state exam and so she can soon (hopefully august 2019) defend her Theses!
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Daniela is back from her stay at UCLouvain

12/12/2018 22:54
Welcome back from your stay with prof. Muriel Quinet, Daniela!!! And enjoy your short stay in the Czech republic before your leave to Hebrew University!!!
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X-mass party!!!!

12/07/2018 22:53
X-mass party 2018! Many thanks to all participants and have a look to some pictures! 2018 X-mass party
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Tereza Kalitová is our new undergrad student. Welcome!

10/31/2018 10:16
Tereza Kalitova has joined our group. She will be working on the boehmenan K synthesis. Good luck and welcome!
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New Diploma Student - Bc. Martin Mičic - has joined our group. Welcome!

10/06/2018 16:01
Bc. Martin Mičic has joined our group to carry out his Diploma Theses entiteled : "Využití Asymetrické Allylické Alkylace (AAA) při syntéze kyseliny jasmonové - Aplication of Asymmetric Allylic Alkylation (AAA) to jasmonic acid synthesis"
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Kateřina Mochťáková is leaving our group...

09/21/2018 16:08
Sadly I must announce that Kateřina Mochťáková stoped her studies and, as a consequence, has left our group. We wish her all the best in her future and hoping she will once restart her studies and the research with us.
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New paper of Daniela and David. This time at JOC!

09/14/2018 22:42
Congratulation to Daniela and David for their latest paper just published as ASAP in JOC! So, Daniela has now two first author papers and can move forward to write her Theses :D  
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Danieal's first research stay abroad - 3 months with prof. Muriel Quinet at UCLouvain

09/12/2018 15:54
Daniela has left for her first research stay abroad. This time she is going to UCLouvain where she will be working with prof. Quinet at Earth and Life institute (ELI) at UClouvain. Enjoy and study hard for your Doctoral exam :D 
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